Day 11: I Am Behind, This Is From December *shrugs* – Peaceful Moments, And Other Realizations

Hello, my lovely creators! Today, instead of my usual Netflix binge before I have to get ready for work, I am choosing to sit my butt down and do some writing. It’s all part of the plan to get things going. It would be a beautiful moment, me sitting here, sipping my coffee, eating my breakfast, gloomy day outside with a chance of rain in the air — all good things, except for this room. Still trying to put some things away from when we moved, and it is still in piles here and there. I won’t shame myself for not finishing it yet, because why should I? I put away the majority of this stuff, and I will get to the rest of it when I get to it. I hate looking at it while trying to enjoy this peaceful time of the day.

I took my peaceful moment, and I Facebook stalked this guy I knew from college. A little background, he was one of the best writers I knew in my class. This guy wrote some amazing stories that had me feeling quite intimidated. All of the teachers loved him, and of course, I had a crush on him. It didn’t hurt that he had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, and, to me, he looked a little like Malcolm McDowell. Well, when he was young, of course. I don’t know that I feel the same way about that comparison now, but I loved me some A Clockwork Orange at the time, so that comparison happened.

If you’ve only seen the movie and not read the book, you are not doing yourself a favor. Go read the book!

Anyway, I was looking this guy up and noticed that he was part of this group that does skydiving. While I looked through some of the posts and recent pictures, all I could think was, “I wonder if this guy even writes anymore.” This kind of prompted me to finish up making my food this morning so I could sit down and do some writing myself. It got me to thinking about a few things. One of the major things is something I remember my grandfather commenting on in regards to his grandchildren and college. This is a second-hand memory; I think I overheard it from a conversation between my parents, so it is a little fuzzy. I think it was about one of my cousins who had gotten a new job. My grandfather made the observation that none of his grandchildren seemed to be working any job related to what they studied in college. I was still in college when I overheard this, and it definitely rubbed me the wrong way. I still think about it to this day, and it irks me that he’s right. I’ll tell you though, it was not from a lack of trying. I’ll keep trying until writing helps bring home the bacon if you know what I mean. It burns me up inside when I think about it, and sometimes I like to just sit there and simmer for a while because it taunts me and lights a fire underneath me. It makes me want to get moving and write a book just so I can dedicate it to him saying, “See, Grandpa? I used my college degree.” I do actually have one, a bachelor’s in creative writing with a minor in English and American literature. Let’s see how far that takes me.

Other than that, as I previously mentioned, I’ve been doing a lot more reading. I’ve been taking things in and absorbing work by other writers. One blog I ‘d seen had mentioned Stephen King and his book, On Writing. It’s funny how often King and this book gets mentioned in other peoples blogs. I have the book, but have not gotten around to really reading it. I keep starting and then just kind of drift off from it. By the number of times I’ve seen people comment about it and sometimes refer to it as if it were a writing bible, it looks like I really need to hunker down and read it.

I don’t ever intend to write any kind of stories like his, but you would think that someone who has had as much success as he has would have something to say that can help the rest of us.

As you can see, I have been slacking off again, but it is for a very good reason. I started a new book series that actually stemmed from watching a movie on Netflix. It’s not a bad series, but it kinda falls into that category of Twilight and 50 Shades. It’s called After, and it started out as fan fiction and just kinda rolled from there, gathering quite the following. It’s definitely a page-turner, one of those books where you can’t just have the first book on hand, you need all of them. Right now! That’s what I did, I got all of them in one go instead of seeing whether or not I liked the first book.

BTW, here is a picture of Malcolm McDowell for reference. I do not own any rights to this picture, you could have just looked him up yourselves, I suppose. I decided to do it for you.

As always, please enjoy my tiny creation at the bottom of every post. I like to share my writing whether it’s something old, new, or a scrap that’s been reworked. Let me know what you think, or just drop a line and say hi.


With his hand buried in her hair, holding the back of her head, he leaned forward and touched his forehead to hers. She wanted to move her lips closer to his, to see if he’d make the next move, just as she imagined. Instead, he pulled away, his hand giving the back of her neck a small squeeze before letting go. She slowly opened her eyes and stared into the dark blue of his as he searched her face for a reprieve. For a second she thought she saw the man that she knew, and in that second, he was gone.


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