Day 15: Time For Changes And Letting Go

I am in, I guess week three of quarantine, at least I think so. The days seem to run together and go by so quickly. I'm sure for those who have been in it a little longer would say otherwise, but for me, it's like a weird vacation where I'm not allowed to go anywhere. [...]

Day 14: Regrets, Lessons, and Evolution

I did a thing. So my dream of having an awesome professional camera has come to fruition. I bought myself a little birthday gift, and I hope to soon share fabulous pictures with you guys along with my posts and stories.I know pictures aren't everything when it comes to blog posts, but it doesn't hurt. [...]


Day 13: Commitment Is A Scary Word

*Written earlier this morning, sent when I was more awake* Hello my lovely creators! I've been thinking a lot lately about my evolution as a writer. I've concluded that I have a fear of commitment to my writing. When I was pondering this, I started by saying, "I think I have a fear," however, by [...]

Day 12: Laundry, Learning, and Writing

So here we are again, late night early morning. Laundry is in full swing, and I cannot sleep. Don't get me wrong; I could definitely sleep. I'm one of those annoying people that can lie down, close my eyes, and pass out. Right now, the dryer is running, and I could easily go to bed, [...]

Day 11: I Am Behind, This Is From December *shrugs* – Peaceful Moments, And Other Realizations

Hello, my lovely creators! Today, instead of my usual Netflix binge before I have to get ready for work, I am choosing to sit my butt down and do some writing. It's all part of the plan to get things going. It would be a beautiful moment, me sitting here, sipping my coffee, eating my [...]

Day 10: Stop Waiting For Later

In my attempt to shake things up, I've started reading more blogs rather than just focusing on my own. One of the major things I have struggled with is getting back to reading. I started small by reading a book that I know very well, and just let the simple pleasure of reading a favorite [...]

Day… Whatever, screw it! A year later and it’s day 9.

That's right folks, it's been maybe a year since I last posted and I am way beyond slacking off in reading and writing. I've jumped ship and instead of swimming, I chose to drown. It's the way I have felt for a good long time. It's been around a month since we moved to our [...]

Day 8: New Projects and Making Changes

Hello, my lovely Creators! Today a friend of mine asked me to help him with a project he's been working on lately. For a while, he's had this idea of putting together a video game. His area of work is more on the technical side, so he has asked me to help with the storyline [...]

Day 7: The Importance of A Comfortable Writing Space

Hello, my lovely Creators! Recently, I went back home to Texas for a visit, and while I was there, I grabbed a few things of mine that I left behind when I moved to Arizona. I pretty much left behind everything when I went. Most importantly I left behind my books. Boxes and boxes of [...]

Day 6: Lessons From My Foray Into Video Games

Hello, my lovely Creators! It may seem like I'm about to go off on a different tangent here but I promise there is a point. Lately, I've been on a video game binge to the point that I even started thinking about having a live stream for when I play games either by myself or [...]