Day 11: I Am Behind, This Is From December *shrugs* – Peaceful Moments, And Other Realizations

Hello, my lovely creators! Today, instead of my usual Netflix binge before I have to get ready for work, I am choosing to sit my butt down and do some writing. It's all part of the plan to get things going. It would be a beautiful moment, me sitting here, sipping my coffee, eating my [...]

Day 10: Stop Waiting For Later

In my attempt to shake things up, I've started reading more blogs rather than just focusing on my own. One of the major things I have struggled with is getting back to reading. I started small by reading a book that I know very well, and just let the simple pleasure of reading a favorite [...]

Day 7: The Importance of A Comfortable Writing Space

Hello, my lovely Creators! Recently, I went back home to Texas for a visit, and while I was there, I grabbed a few things of mine that I left behind when I moved to Arizona. I pretty much left behind everything when I went. Most importantly I left behind my books. Boxes and boxes of [...]

Day 4: The Things We Wish For

Hello, my lovely Creators! Today I found myself struggling to answer what seemed like a simple question in regards to my writing. I work at a yoga studio part-time, and a man came by to inquire about yoga classes and what we have to offer. I had no trouble answering his questions and providing him [...]