Day 1: Gentle Reminders and Starting Over

Greetings fellow creators! *Sorry for the long post, but it’s been a while.*

While trying to think of something to write, I ended up looking at copies of posts that I have written on here previously. Please don’t think you’re missing something here; I removed all previous posts in order to revamp everything.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here and a good part of that is because I let other things take over my life that had nothing to do with what I was working on. I had forgotten to keep working towards my goals, and in the end, everything had become unbalanced. In the end, I was unhappy, unhealthy, and just felt lost. I ended up quitting my job for unknown horizons. All the pieces of that job were nice and felt good to have, but none of them seemed to fit together.

I now have a job that is entirely different and is allowing me to find out what makes me happy. It may not be giving me the same stability that my previous job did, but it’s less stress on my mind and my health. I feel like I now have the opportunity to open my eyes again to life.

Now, what does this have to do with writing? Well, first of all, it lets me do this. Secondly, it allows me to stop and smell the legos. I’ll include that particular post I was reading with this one so you can understand what I mean. I’ll even add a second 100 word story to get the ball rolling.

All he wanted was to be near her. It broke his heart that she didn’t trust him and most of all it hurt that she didn’t trust herself. He could never understand how she could not see all the things about herself that made her amazing. She was like a feral cat that didn’t know love. Didn’t want to know anything about it. She needed to see that he was there for her and always would be there. He leaned against the door, listening, knowing that she craved a connection just as much as he did.

Day 12: Sometimes You Have To Stop And Smell The Legos

The other day I was thinking about my writing project, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about yall, and about how long it has been since I’ve posted anything. I’ve kept to the idea that if you’re not writing, you’re reading and if you’re not reading, you’re writing. Well, today is one of those days where I’m not reading so I best be writing. Right now, I need to do some “ass time” and get things done.
Some days don’t feel right for writing, especially while hanging out at my sister’s house. I know that I could get around that somehow but long story short I just have to stay put and make do with what I have. I’ve learned quite a bit about children that I’ve never known before. You see I’m the youngest in my family so I never got to learn what it was like to be always around children under five. You must rethink about having any types of liquids close to your computer. Everything you own will eventually end up in their mouths. Chocolate is a very bad idea. So far, the worst kind of bite is from a two and a half-year-old that doesn’t understand they’re hurting you and laughs in your face once you finally get them off of you.
What does this all have to do with writing?
It means I’ve got plenty of new writing material.
No, it means that there are times when I have to stop for a moment and look around me. I have so many things clouding my mind and so many things that worry me. I sit here at my computer scrolling monotonously through job postings, redoing my resume, and writing numerous cover letters. Then all of a sudden there is a small hand grasping at my arm pulling me towards the poorly insulated Arizona room. A tiny voice asks me to come to build him a boat with Lego’s and adds the sweetest please you’ve ever heard, how can I say no?
Every day is different with its challenges. I’d like to think that writing at night is the best for me, but you never know what’s going to happen to change all that. I wonder how other people do this and I wonder if I’m complaining too much. It’s very likely that I am and I need to chill out.
So, in this journey of writing and sharing my work, I’m still learning to balance things out. I’m learning to adapt to my surroundings and try to go with the flow. I know that many writers have routines and have specific ways of doing things. It’s just a matter of trial and error for everyone. Today, in order to get this out, I find myself locked in a bedroom with a slumbering, slightly snoring sister. In the distance Toy Story 2 is playing, again. My brother-in-law is taking one for the team.
A solid routine is hard for me right now, things are so uncertain. It’s only taken me around 25 days to get to a day 12 post, but at least I’m still keeping at it. Here is the question that I set out before all of you. Do you have a specific writing routine? How do you maintain that set path?
Sometimes when my writing is working against me, I turn to writing prompts. There is this page on Facebook called 100 Word Story. Now and then they post writing prompts with a few words, and then you must finish it within the 100 word limit. It’s a great place to get ideas and to read the work of other excellent writers. You can also follow their blog
I turn to pages like this when I need a boost to get things moving again. Here is one of their prompts, and I figured I would share it with yall and see what you think. Please comment and tell me about your writing routines and your thoughts.

In the New Year, Alice wouldn’t eat gluten, over-spend, date men named Joey. She would recreate herself. Instead, she would perhaps become a student of Bridget Jones or maybe adopt the teachings of Elizabeth Gilbert. Do it up right this year and keep the promises she would make to herself. Learn to stop trying to fix everyone else and work on the mistakes in her own life. It wasn’t enough just to stop doing all the things that lead her down the wrong road. She needed to disappear. She needed to leave behind certain married men, especially ones named Michael.


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